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Up until several years ago I thought global warming was in Al Gore’s imagination. I admit I hadn’t done much research and I wanted to believe humans were incapable of hurting our planet. But I’ve done more research, read more reports and watched TV shows about the problem. I believe there is a potential cause and effect that we need to address sooner than later.

Four years ago, as my beliefs about global warming changed, I leased a Chevy Volt (I reported on my adventures with it here). I enjoyed the car but I also enjoyed the feeling that I was helping the planet. As a real estate agent in Louisville I spend a lot of time in the car both showing properties and listing homes. The thought that I was part of the cure and not a problem for global warming actually made me feel good. So when my lease was up I had a big decision to make. Lease another Volt or dig deep (into my wallet) and purchase a Tesla.

Anyone who follows the growth of Tesla and Elon Musk knows this is not your ordinary car and certainly not your typical multimillionaire. After research, soul-searching and talking to my brother-in-law who bought a Tesla a year before, I made the decision to buy my own. It has been absolutely pure pleasure from the moment I test drove a Tesla to this moment four months later.

I ordered my Tesla via Internet and phone back in April. Two months later it was delivered to the Cincinnati location and I picked it up on June 30.  I plan on shooting videos and blogging about my travels in my Tesla but for anyone on the fence wondering if the car is a good investment. Let me put your fears to rest, the car is amazing, the feeling of driving it is exhilarating, passing gas stations is a hoot and knowing I’ve reduced my carbon footprint by some 75% when driving it makes me proud.

Though I can charge it up to 265 miles, Tesla recommends reducing the daily charge to extend the battery life. So I only charge it up to 236 miles. Typically that’s 100 miles per day more than I need so I’m happy. I plan on taking a trip back up the Cincinnati in the next couple of weeks because the center console accessory that I ordered is being shipped up there. It’s a trip I’ll cherish because the car is a joy to drive.

There are a number of people I consider heroes, Steve Jobs, Bill Gates are two of my favorite current day heroes. Elon Musk has now been added to my list for a number of reasons including thinking out-of-the-box.