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     Every once in a long while, if you are truly a movie lover, and if you are lucky enough, there is one movie that comes along that has such a profound effect on you  that as you are sitting in the movie theater watching it, you think to yourself, my God, this is something special.  This is the reason we go to movies in the first place. 


      I can remember Johnny Carson interviewing Silvester Stalone after he saw Rocky and saying words to that effect and then going out myself and seeing Rocky and knowing exactly what Carson meant.   Jaws made me feel this way, as did One Flew over the Cuckoo's  Nest, ET, Close Encounters and a few others.  As I have gotten older, these movies seem few and far between.


     I am at a lack of words to describe how amazing Slumdog Millionaire is.  It made me feel emotions that quite frankly I had forgotten how they felt years before.   I went to see it Monday afternoon and when I came home, I made my wife and nineteen year old son rush out to see it too.   Here is what they said:  My son Michael:  "I have never felt so happy in my life as I did watching this movie".  My Wife:  "I have never felt so sad in my life as I felt watching this movie".  How is this possible?   Go see this film and you will understand.  Both my son and wife are correct in their statements.  Both loved the film.


     I see upwards of fifty films a year in hopes of finding one as emotionally moving as Slumdog Millionaire.   And when I find it, I feel it is my duty to swing from a chandelier and scream at the top of my lungs: "GO SEE THIS FILM", to anyone and everyone who can hear me.  


     In fact, if there is only one film you will go see this year, and there is only one day left in this year to do so, this is the one.  I will tell you nothing about it, NOTHING.  For to do so would ruin the pure movie experience that this film deserves.  This film will just as easily make you laugh as it will make you cry.  It will just as easily make you happy as it will make you sad.  It will make you feel things about your own life and about the lives of others that you probably haven't taken the time to think about since you were a whole lot younger.  And if there is a God in heaven, and he/she loves movies, this film will walk off with the Oscar for Best Picture with everyone who has taken the time to see it, cheering wildly. 


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