Every year the top Realtors in the country head to something called a Star Power conference. Well, its that time of year again and this week some 2000 of us are in New York City for this yearly gathering of high energy top producing Agents and Brokers.  Star Power is the brainchild of Howard Britton, a motivational speaker and former Realtor who has found the perfect way to help great Realtors go to the next level in providing service and growing their businesses. I joined Star Power last year and have found value and many rewards in the sharing of information. This year two of the big topics being discussed in seminars and in the hallways of the conference are Blogs and Podcasting.  To some Realtors who have just purchased their first computer the concepts of writing a Blog or recording a Podcast is hard to understand. But to many of us who try to be early adapters of technology, writing a Blog or uploading a Podcast is intriguing at the very least. To many of you who have been Blogging or Podcasting for a year or more it must seem as if were late to the table. But really, think about it, the concepts are still in the beginning stages of what will most likely be the next best thing since the arrival of the internet. As a Realtor from Louisville Kentucky and host of www.WeSellLouisville.com, www.WeListLouisville.com and www.BobSokoler.com , a lover of all technology and a former TV anchor and radio host, I can tell you I love all of it! Ive been trying out Blogging for the past 6 months and expect to do more in the near future. One comment that rings true from this weeks meet is computers wont do away with Realtors, but Realtors with computers will do away with Realtors. Long live technology!