Great news for Louisville Home owners and anyone looking to buy Louisville Real Estate. A new report published today by U.S. News and World report picks Louisville Kentucky as one of the “10 Cities primed for a Real Estate Recovery”!  The article sites the fact Louisville’s real estate market never saw double digit appreciation so there was less room for Louisville Home prices to fall. On a negative note the article points to the recent Ford Motor plant layoffs and cutback in manufacturing. But also points to the recent UPS expansion and attendance at job fairs has been on the decline. Louisville was included in the “10 Cities primed for a Real Estate Recovery “article along side cities like Birmingham Alabama,  Philadelphia Pennsylvania and  Portland Oregon. Our Medley Sokoler team has been very busy the past couple of days with 5 contracts accepted in 4 days. As of this writing, the $8000 first time home buyers tax credit will end at the end of November, so first time buyers should be looking for a home now. To contact the Medley Sokoler Team call (502) 376-5483 or head to or