We have a number of clients looking for great deals on Louisville Kentucky Foreclosures. Yes, there are deals out there but it takes work to find them. We’ve been out with “Mike” on a regular basis. So far the deals we found have had problems. In this video, we find Mold growing in the basement. That’s one of the biggest problems this time of year. If a home that’s been foreclosed on or has been vacant has not been properly winterized, water lines may have broken and the water can easily cause mold. In fact it’s said that if water stands more than 3 days mold can start to form. Treating a home with mold can be a long and expensive process. Leaving mold untreated can be a health hazard. FEMA has a series of reports on the problem. For more information head to www.weselllouisville.com or www.louisvillehomestoday.com.