It’s now estimated that 87% of people searching for Louisville homes are starting online. Search any website like or look at the homes on the MLS and you’re bound to see homes priced at 199,999 or 249,999. We call that K-mart pricing. That’s because when you walk through a K-Mart you’ll always see price signs with 9.99 or 12.99 in the aisles. We’re sure management at these stores think their pulling a fast one on us. Gosh we would never suspect something priced at 9.99 is actually 1 penny under the terrible TEN dollar mark!

That may work for K-MART but it doesn’t work for your home and here’s why. Do a search on those real estate web sites and you’ll immediately find the searches are set up in increments of 5,000 10,000 or even 25, 000 dollars. So let’s say for example you're a buyer and set up a search from 100,000 – 125,000. If you price your home at 124,999 you’ll be found in the search. But what if a buyers is looking in the 125,000 – 150,000 price range. In that search you won’t be found. Now get rid of the K-MART pricing and price your home at 125,000 and look what happens. Your home is found in both searches doubling the chances of being found.

Remember, this works no matter what the price range and can instantly increase your chances of being found in a home buyers search.

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