We love first time buyers! This week after several months of looking for a home, negotiating the best contract and then repairs our first time Louisville Kentucky buyer is on the road to closing. Our client picked one of the most gorgeous homes in one of the top neighborhoods in the Louisville area. The 78 year old Highlands home had just about completely restored. But an inspection found a number of items that still needed some work. To our buyers credit she was patient and let us go through the normal negotiating process for the repairs. The seller on the other side was also an agent and knew the value of her home. Yet through calm negotiations on both sides an agreement for repairs was reached this past week and we’re on to closing.

We love stories like this, our first time home buyer has worked hard over the past years to save enough money to put a good size down payment on the home. She has searched for the perfect home for a while and now she’s found it. We’ll return to the home with our inspector before closing to confirm all repairs have been made. We want to make sure our client has nothing but happiness in her new home! Seeing our clients smile really makes our job enjoyable!