I love technology, I always have! I’ve reported on and written countless articles on the latest trends in technology for several Newspapers and Television Stations. Last night a friend of my daughters asked me to add Windows XP to her new Intel Mac Book. I was apprehensive at first. I had read about the process but I remember adding XP to my older iMac, Ouch, booting up through the Mac OS to get to the emulator slowed down XP to a crawl. But, surprisingly I have to admit the process was a lot simpler now that Apple has released its Beta version of Boot Camp ! The process was faster than I expected and could have been even faster if Apple’s download of Boot Camp was faster and I had printed Apple’s directions (I think an outline of the installation directions is a must for first time installers).

A couple of key errors I made that you should make note of include remembering to burn the drivers on the CDR, realizing where the copy of Boot Camp installs to on a Mac (application/accessories folder) and buying a full version of XP (not an upgrade version).


I do think I found a problem once I had partitioned the drive using Boot Camp and starting the XP install process (remember to only install to drive “c”). Early on during the install process the Mac crashed, and rebooted to the Mac side of the drive. Either I missed something in the directions or someone forgot mention that installing XP to the “C” drive should only be done after rebooting the computer to the Windows side of the drive once Boot Camp has partitioned it (remember to hold the option key at start up).

I’m so impressed with the process I’m considering buying a Mac Book in the future. The problem is right now I’m in search of a the best Tablet PC for my Real Estate business www.weselllouisville.com, www.bobsokoler.com, www.welistlouisville.com. All this work with the Mac Book leads me to a question for Apple, hey folks any plans for a Tablet PC in the near future?