Around the United Stated, people are moving and the top spot is Kentucky! A new report by U-Haul International Inc. titled "2009 Top 10 U.S. Growth States," and published by Real Trends says Kentucky tops the list of places to move for states with more than 20,000 families. The report shows Kentucky had the highest percentage of growth, with 5.76 percent more families moving into the state than out.

Why, well our Medley Sokoler Team can give you several thousand reasons but to sum it up just look at Louisville Kentucky. Quality of life, friendly people, low crime, clean streets and 20 minutes to get anywhere in town, in short it’s big city living with a small town feel.  We’re seeing people moving into town daily and our Louisville Homes Sales show jump through the roof.

Here are the states (with more than 20,000 families moving) that had positive in-migration:
1. Kentucky
2. Florida
3. Georgia
4. Oklahoma
5. Illinois
6. Alabama
7. Washington, D.C.
8. Louisiana
9. South Carolina
10. Arizona

If you’re wondering, for states with 5,000 to 20,000 families moving, Vermont had the highest percentage, with a growth rate of 16.67 percent in 2009, moving Maine to second place after two years of ranking first.

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