The Medley Sokoler Team created the Foreclosure Relief Team a little more than a month ago. At the moment they are trying to help more than 20 homeowners facing foreclosure.

The reasons for a foreclosure numerous, loss off job, adjusting interest rate on a mortgage, medial problem, divorce even death of a spouse, The end result is usually the same, Foreclosure will force you out of your home, ruin your credit rating and potentially effect current or future employment.  Amazingly 7 out of 10 homeowners facing foreclosure never contact their bank or a Realtor to get out from under the problem.

That is the reason The Medley Sokoler Team at RE/MAX Properties East created the Foreclosure Relief Team. Real Estate Agents Bob and Norine Sokoler have been trained through the Certified Distressed Property Experts in Florida (C.D.P.E) and along with local attorneys and negotiating staff are working to get help for homeowners facing foreclosure.

Team leader Bob Sokoler says “there are several ways to help people facing foreclosure the most effective way is a short sale. That get the home owners bank to accept an offer on the property from a buyer that’s less than what is owed to the bank”.  The team takes the time to help a homeowner facing foreclosure weight their options. Bob says “we would love to help Louisville homeowners stay in their home, there are several options that would allow them to do that but it’s not always possible”. 

The Foreclosure Relief Team does not charge homeowners for the team’s services.

You can reach the Medley Sokoler Team and The Foreclosure Relief Team at RE/MAX Properties East by calling (502) 992-4203 or visiting either  or or