The Medley Sokoler team is often asked what makes us different that other realtors or real estate teams when selling a home. The answer includes hundreds reasons. Below are some of the reasons, but more importantly we’ve also included videos on our marketing, success stories and some of the work that our team does.

Understand that our concept is to always be available by phone. If you have a question (even in the middle of the night) Bob Sokoler’s phone is always on! Too may other agents only answer their phone during daytime hours! We feel our clients are paying us to always be “on call” and the same holds true with buyers. Let’s face it if a buyer has a question about your home, you want an agent who takes that call and tries to get the buyer into your home for a sale!

Our commitment to excellence extends into our marketing as well! Most other realtors use a cheap consumer grade camera to take pictures of your home and market it on the Internet. With 87% of all home buyers starting to look on the internet, you need more than a consumer picture promoting your home. We use Hi end professional gear and produce Hi quality pictures and videos. We market those pictures on web sites all over the world. Our goal is to get as many eyeballs on your home as possible, that’s why we’re so successful at selling homes. Simply look at the videos below and decide for yourself!

Finally we have a team in place that gets the job done daily! That means fewer problems for our sellers and buyers because we stay ahead of any potential problems. Those are just some of the reasons we’er different than other realtors and teams. We’d love to meet with you in person to explain the other reasons. Call Bob Sokoler anytime at (502) 376-5483 or go to or .